cover image: RE: Bill 162, Get it Done Act


RE: Bill 162, Get it Done Act

27 Mar 2024

RCCAO welcomes the Government of Ontario’s continued focus on critical infrastructure and ensuring that the provincial regulatory landscape facilitates the construction of more homes and infrastructure assets. [...] Given the volume of evidence of the serious implications of the time and cost delays associated with the MCEA process, we are pleased to see the government continue its modernization efforts of the MCEA process. [...] Our research contains numerous examples of infrastructure projects where the added time and MCEA-related study costs outstrip the capital construction costs of the project itself. [...] It has stifled industry’s ability to grow at the pace necessary to keep up with the demand for housing and population growth in the province. [...] We appreciate the opportunity to provide comments to the Standing Committee and look forward to continuing our engagement with the Government of Ontario as it works to address the infrastructure needs of the province.


Nadia Todorova

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