cover image: 2024 National Tourism Week - Fact Sheet_DI/CL


2024 National Tourism Week - Fact Sheet_DI/CL

27 Mar 2024

About Destination Marketing Destination Marketing Offices/Organizations (DMO) are the foundational tool to promote and communicate the beauty and unique opportunities that Canada has for both domestic and global travellers to experience and enjoy. [...] 02 Destinations International and the Canadian Destination Leadership Council Established in 2021, the Canadian Destination Leadership Council (CDLC) works in collaboration with Destinations International to deliver on key issues of the tourism industry, including advocacy, resources, policy, and marketing. [...] Planning is beginning to help secure events for the medium and long term, with a focus on events that drive seasonal and regional dispersion $50 million over three years to Destination Canada to attract major international conventions, conferences, and events to Canada In parallel to the Ministerial Tourism Growth Council, the federal government will continue to support Destination Canada's NorthS. [...] from 2019) Permanent residents/ newcomers and youth (age 15-24) have long been a vital part of the tourism labour force -- each Tourism Demand/Spending group comprised about 30% of tourism workers in 2019 Tourism spending hit an all-time high of 218,000 businesses were in the tourism $105 billion in Canada at the end of 2019. [...] sector in 2022 (down 6.6% from 2020) By the end of 2020, this dropped to $53 billion Tourism spending in 2022 was around Economic Drivers $94 billion (down 11% from 2019) of Tourism Visitors to Canada The business meetings and events sector means big business in Canada, accounting for 242,000 direct jobs and contributing Canada welcomed a record 22 million $27.4 billion in direct GDP in 2019 inter.


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