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A new ecosystem science framework in support of integrated management : Pour un nouveau cadre scientifique écosystémique en faveur d'une gestion intégrée




This document provides the rationale for an ecosystem Ecosystem science takes a broad approach to studying science approach and describes the proposed framework for relationships and interactions in the ecosystem, and integrates realigning the DFO Science program to support an ecosystem science outputs to provide a sound scientific foundation for approach to management and better reflect an ecosys [...] Demands for science advice and support will continue to exceed the DFO Science has identified a number of key components that capacity of the program, even when the support is more will form the basis of the Ecosystem Science Framework. [...] By the 1960s, human and bi-national and multi-party organizations that continue to industrial waste created serious eutrophication problems, and facilitate and support the recovery of AOCs across the Great increased the loadings of persistent toxic chemicals, Lakes, and that have led the development of lake-wide particularly in the lower lakes. [...] The natural changes have implications The ecosystem approach to management focuses on the for sustainable exploitation rates, rebuilding strategies and causes and the consequences of change to the species in the targets, and hatchery operations. [...] The scope of the research includes: The specific and combined impacts of these various activities and pressures are not well understood, and innovative • research and advice on indicators and reference points approaches are required to address these issues given the for the broader suite of operational objectives (tactics) complexity of physico-chemical and biological processes required of managem


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