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"It's a war on love"




In this paper I will focus on the rhetoric of “the family” as a metaphor for the measure of the health and vitality of Judaism and the Jewish com- munity. [...] MBC: “It’s a War on Love” Extending Gibson-Graham’s argument back to the social construction of identity, if the “problem” of intermarriage is accepted in the eyes of many Jewish leaders as a matter of faith in law (as is the hegemony of economics and capitalism), then the “problem” defines Jewish identity as an outcome of situated social, historical and geographical processes. [...] Despite the potential desire of members of a congregation and Jews throughout Vancouver for a rabbi to preside at a wedding ceremony between a Jew and a non-Jew, the preservation of the community depends on tradition produced by the forma- tion of the Jewish family. [...] The first theme explores the role of the mother in the social and biological reproduction of the Jewish nation. [...] Again, we see how the Jewish home and not only the role of the mother but also the father will determine the strength of the child’s Jewish identity.



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