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2006 Census housing series : Housing conditions of Canada's seniors




The average size in Canada rose by 7.6%, between 2001 and 2006, the of senior households (at 1.7 persons per household) is thus number of households with maintainers aged 65 and smaller than the average size of non-senior households. [...] Seniors housing tenure The number of senior-led households continues to rise faster than the number of non-senior households A majority of senior households own a home, increasingly a condominium Combined with the higher than average rate at which the senior population grew between 2001 and 2006, the Senior households are more likely to own a home tendency of seniors to live in smaller households [...] Thus, although the average household income for households to be in core housing need senior households (at $50,647) was 36% below the average In 2006, senior households (at 14.4%) were more likely for non-senior households (at $78,479), the average STIR than non-senior households (at 12.2%) to be in core was slightly lower for senior households than for non-senior housing need (see Table 3). [...] Senior Total Households 11.4% households living in unaffordable housing account for the 10.9% Senior Households majority of senior households living below standards and in Non-senior Households core housing need (see Figure 3)4. [...] Cohorts households headed by women, gender by itself (i.e., the of Canadians who are more affluent than today’s older lower average wages and pensions of women compared to seniors are gradually reaching the age of 65, and transfer men) appears to account for only a small part of the gap payments for low and moderate-income seniors have in housing conditions between senior households with male incr


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