The Great Lakes sewage report card
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The Great Lakes sewage report card




The following report represents the first ever ecosystem-based survey and analysis of municipal These activities continue to seriously impact the sewage treatment and sewage discharges into the Great Lakes and the stunning array of biological Great Lakes basin. [...] S I E R R A. L E GA L 4 The report also provides the first ever analysis and nations, eight states, two provinces, dozens of comparison of the patchwork of laws and policies tribes and first nations and hundreds of local related to sewage treatment in the Great Lakes municipal and regional governments. [...] S E W A G E. B L E N D I N G The Twenty Great Lakes cities examined in this report, The practice of sewage or which representing about 30% of the overall population wastewater blending refers to of the Great lakes basin, dump almost 93 billion litres of the partial treatment of a portion sewage into the Great Lakes in one year or more than of the wastewater flow resulting 37,000 Olympic size swimm [...] S I E R R A. L E GA L. D E F E N C E. F U N D 12 LAW AN D POLICY The following chapter provides a brief summary of In terms of provision related to pollution from laws and policies relevant to the management of municipal sources the renewed 1978 GLWQA municipal sewage and provides a comparison contained much of the same language but set a between laws and policies in Canada and United deadline of [...] The 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty Agreement is the After each renegotiation of the GLWQA, Canada key agreement between the US and Canada negotiates an agreement with Ontario, which lays governing transboundary and boundary water use out the roles of the federal and provincial issues.

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