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A lasting legacy : Héritage durable : l'incidence des antécédents familiaux en matière d'études sur la réussite des diplômés




These categories combine both the mother’s and father’s highest level of education, and the category is assigned based on the highest level of education of the pair. [...] The distribution of graduates by highest level of parental educational attainment over time among two cohorts of Maritime university graduates (the Class of 1996 and the Class of 1999) were compared. [...] The percentage of men (47%) from households where the highest level of educational attainment was a bachelor’s degree or above is greater than expected, and is the closest to parity of the three groups. [...] Graduates with the lowest level of family educational attainment educational attainment are the most likely to are the most likely to have borrowed in the highest range. [...] We can assume – if we recall the men from government student loan distribution of gender by parental level of education in Figure 3, where the highest percentage programmes; the of men come from households where the highest level of education was a bachelor’s degree difference in amount or above – that the borrowing pattern observed in Figure 8 and the difference in amount borrowed by gender is du


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