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Bill C-71

8 Feb 2019

In fact, clause 10 of Bill C-71 amends section 85 of the Firearms Act by adding new sections 85(1)(c) and 85(1)(d), which require the Registrar to establish and maintain a record of the following information (collected under the new authority in section 23 of the Firearms Act): (c) every request for a reference number made to the Registrar under section 23 and, if the request is refused, the reaso [...] Specifically, clause 18 of Bill C-71 repeals sections 117.15(3) and 117.15(4) of the Code, and clause 16 amends the definition of non-restricted firearm in section 84(1) of the Code to remove the words “a firearm that is prescribed to be a non-restricted firearm.” Clause 1 of the bill also makes a related amendment to section 2(2) of the Firearms Act to specify that unless otherwise provided, all [...] Clause 4(1) of the bill amends section 19(2) of the Firearms Act to add individuals grandfathered pursuant to new section 12(9) to be granted an exemption and authorized to transport their firearm between specific places for the following purposes: • where the registered owner of the firearm is changing residence; • for the transportation of the firearm to a peace officer, firearms officer or chie [...] Section 4(1) of the ATIA states that access to any record under the control of a government institution30 is to be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.31 The ATIA provides exemptions to, and exclusions from, this right of access.32 The ATIA also establishes the Information Commissioner of Canada, an officer of Parliame [...] As an initial step, the Commissioner obtained “a court order directing the Minister of Public Safety and the Commissioner of the RCMP to deliver the hard drive containing the remaining long-gun registry records to the Federal Court Registry.” 36 In June 2015, the Commissioner and the requester filed an application in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice challenging the constitutionality of the am
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