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2018 Ontario Economic Report /




Manufacturers and Exporters (CME), the OCC highlighted the need to enhance the affordability of these plans for plan sponsors, so as to reduce the competitiveness concerns of the business community. [...] WIN: In 2017, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced the Value-Based Innovation Program, which is intended to leverage the public health system to more rapidly source and scale health technologies across the province as well as recognize the needs of providers and patients and work with industry leaders to develop solutions to health challenges. [...] There are two ways in which the contribution of the production of goods and services to the BPI can be improved: improve business conditions that lead to greater amounts of asset and liabilities engaged in the production of goods and services, and maintain business conditions in the face of asset value depreciation. [...] The Government of Ontario’s Moving Ontario Forward plan will support public transit, transportation and priority infrastructure, using dedicated funds of $31.5 billion split nearly evenly between the GTHA and the rest of the province.117 Meanwhile, the Government of Canada will provide $8.3 billion to Ontario to support transit through Phase 2 of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund starting in [...] These range from the general need to invest in goods and people movement to the development of a provincial transportation and transit infrastructure plan to the modernization of the Connecting Links Funding Program to the integration of regional transportation fare systems.


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