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Caring Canadians, involved Canadians : Canadiens dévoués, Canadiens engagés : points saillants de l'Enquête canadienne de 2007 sur le don, le bénévolat et la participation




The authors would like to thank the following members of the CSGVP Steering Committee for their valuable input to the project as well as for their constructive comments on an earlier draft of this report: Ruth MacKenzie of Volunteer Canada, Amanda Powers of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Andrew Leuty of Canadian Heritage, Susan McCunn of the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Thom [...] Although the activities that are the focus of The 2007 CSGVP is the fourth iteration of a this study are an important feature of Canadian series of surveys that began with the 1997 society, they can be surprisingly difficult to National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and measure. [...] The CSGVP also provides a picture of the Because of changes that were made to the causes that Canadians value, the interests they methodology of the survey in 2004, it is not pursue and their willingness to reach out and help appropriate to compare findings from either the others.2 Canadians donate money and volunteer 2004 CSGVP or the 2007 CSGVP with the time to support the arts, local sports clu [...] However, the number of The reasons most frequently reported for volunteers has increased by 5.7% due, in part, to volunteering were to make a contribution to the the increase in the size of the population aged 15 community, to use skills and experiences, and and older. [...] The 50% of 46% of the total dollar value of donations.9 donors who provided $120 or less accounted for Health organizations followed, with 15% of the only 5% of the total value of all donations.


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