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2006 Census housing series : Série sur le logement selon les données du Recensement de 2006, Numéro 19, Conditions de logement des femmes et des filles




This was down from 12.7% in 2001.6 In comparison, there were 1.4 million males (about 9.8%) Figure 2 I ncidence of Population Living in Households living in households in core housing need in 2006 in Core Housing Need by Age and Sex, (see Appendix Table 2). [...] In 2006, 45.7% of Aboriginal females living in lone-parent households lived in a household in Figure 3. Distribution of Females by Aboriginal Status and core housing need, down from 50.9% in 2001. [...] Lone- Households with a woman as the primary maintainer parent households accounted for about 21% of women-led had significantly lower average incomes (at $57,450) than households compared to about 3.5% of households with 10 households with male maintainers (at $81,513) in 200511 male primary maintainers. [...] Table 7. Household Count, Average Household Income, Core Housing Need More Prevalent Among Shelter Cost and STIR by Household Type for Households With Female Primary Maintainers Households with a Female Primary Maintainer, Canada, 2006 In 2006, about 18.7% of households with female primary maintainers were in core housing need, about twice the Average Average rate (9%) of households with male prim [...] A census family refers to a married or common-law couple (with or without children), or a lone-parent of any marital status, with at least one son or daughter living in the same dwelling, Source: CMHC (Census-based housing indicators and data) 16 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Number of Households (#) Distribution (%) Incidence of Core Housing Need (%) Number of Households (#) Distributio


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