cover image: The #BCTECH strategy 2016 : British Columbia technology strategy



The #BCTECH strategy 2016 : British Columbia technology strategy

13 Jan 2016

Sierra Wireless some of the recent developments and benefit from technology in provides machine-to-machine in technology in British Columbia, British Columbia are increasing, connectivity and cloud services, and how that technology and we intend to enable British with the potential of being at is intersecting with the lives Columbians to participate and lead the fore of a fully-connected of Britis [...] Stem cells are the “mother cells” of the The company was spun out of body, having the ability to transform the Terry Fox Laboratory at the “We need to have the companies into other types of tissue. [...] Cleantech innovations that address and the B. C. Cleantech CEO Alliance, environmental challenges and reduce and strives to leverage the oil and costs in the oil and gas value chain gas resources and B. C.’s technology have tremendous potential.
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