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State of waste management in Canada /

5 Sep 2014

Reduce The first priority within the waste management hierarchy is to reduce by as much as possible the amount of material that enters the recycling or the solid waste stream and the associated impact on the environment. [...] This report presents the results of a jurisdictional review of current waste management policies, waste reduction initiatives, waste diversion programs, energy from waste initiatives, and waste disposal practices across the country to provide a snapshot of the State of Waste Management in Canada. [...] Key Opportunities Identified in Waste Policy Frameworks There is room for improvement in the content of the strategy, action plan, policy, or legislation in many Canadian jurisdictions by including targets for waste disposal limits to drive action in waste reduction and diversion. [...] In the case of CRD, Individual Producer Responsibility is preferred over collective approaches to EPR due to the diverse industry characteristics of the sector and the uniqueness of the product mix. [...] F-8 State of Waste Management in Canada 1 Introduction 1.1 Background The Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment (CCME) Waste Management Task Group (WMTG) commissioned this report to summarize the current state of waste management in Canada, and identify recent trends, best management practices, challenges and opportunities for waste prevention or reduction, diversion, energy recovery and di
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