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Canada's metropolitan areas : Régions métropolitaines du Canada




This Highlight explores how the examines the housing conditions of households in Canada's largest housing conditions of households in CMAs changed over the cities. [...] However, the incidence of need was lower in from a low of 22.2% in Sherbrooke to a high of 35.8% in 2001 than in 1991 in 13 CMAs across 7 provinces. [...] As a result, 28.5% of CMA renter households were in core In 2001, as in previous years, most of the housing stock in housing need in 2001, compared to 6.5% of owner households. [...] Even in Montréal, where For example, in Regina, where Aboriginal renters accounted for the incidence of need among recent-immigrant renter households 16.8% of all renter households in 2001 (compared to the CMA was 13 percentage points lower than in Toronto, there existed a average of 3.0%), the incidence of need exceeded 45%. [...] Income estimates of core housing need presented for the non-CMA total data collected by the Census of Canada refer to the calendar and Canada in this highlight.


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