Culture goods trade data
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Culture goods trade data




Thanks to Michel Durand and Jamie Carson, both formerly of the Culture Statistics Program, for their guidance and for developing the groundwork for the methodology, and to Hugh Scheureman of the Department of Canadian Heritage for his excellent suggestions for content. [...] Data obtained from the US Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and provided to Statistics Canada via the US Bureau of the Census (USBC) are used to derive estimates of Canada’s exports to the United States.5 Exports to countries other than the United States: Data are compiled by the International Trade Division of Statistics Canada, largely based on information from the Canada Border Serv [...] For the total value of goods imported into Canada, an additional cost must be added to the price of the goods: all transportation and associated costs that arise in respect of the goods being appraised prior to and at the place of direct shipment to Canada. [...] The Customs Act defines ‘information-based’ products as “information in one form or another (including sound and image recordings) together with the physical medium on which that information is carried.”17 For trade in these products, the assessed value of the product consists of: (a) an amount for the physical medium and the cost of transcribing the information onto the physical medium (i.e., the [...] The value of the commercial for purposes of duty is equal to the price paid or payable by the party for the physical product and the rights associated with that product.

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