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2016 Policy Review Series




It is also true that Canada, a state of some 35,000,000 people and the second largest state by area on the face of the earth, is quite incapable of defending itself fully and can play but a marginal role both in its own defence and in the defence of North America. [...] If Canadians think of themselves as an integral part of a globe- spanning network that includes allies and trade partners − from Japan to the United Kingdom and from the United States to virtually the tip of South America − they would begin to see the many threats to the global order which may not directly affect Canada, but most certainly affect so many of its partners. [...] In the Second World War Canada, independent since the proclamation of the Statute of Westminster in 1931, issued its own declaration of war because a large majority of Canadians felt strong ties to Britain and because a Nazi-dominated Europe and specifically the Atlantic Ocean was a threat to Canada’s national interests. [...] Canada joined the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in 2003 largely because of US pressure after Canada declined to participate in the invasion of Iraq and, further, Canada sent its troops to Kandahar province in 2005 as a member of NATO and to help the United States withdraw American troops from there to send to Iraq. [...] Canada has neither the quantity nor the range of military capabilities to offer much to the United States or to Introduction Page 2 by David Bercuson July, 2016 Introduction operate to complement US forces abroad except not to be a burden in guarding the sea and air approaches to North America.


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