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Why access matters" revisited : Importance de l'accès aux études postsecondaires revisité : analyse des dernières recherches




Beyond their respective time- petitive and of 19- to 22-year-olds (that is, the proportion lines, (however, both the AUCC and the prosperous of individuals in that age group enrolling at a Foundation reports argue that any eventual in the global university) by between one-half of a percent- decline in the population of 18- to 24-year- age point and 2.5 percentage points between olds can be offset [...] The universities must also expand the scope of number of students under the age of 19 specific strategies designed to improve the began to decline in 2004–05; it might have participation rate of students from tradition- started earlier were it not for the double ally under-represented groups, in order to cohort of Ontario high school graduates in maintain and enhance access to universities. [...] While the country as a whole is the extent dents of the University of Toronto, York likely to number fewer individuals aged 18 to University, Ryerson University and the 24 by 2016, this cohort in the Province of to which the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Ontario will experience sustained growth into 18- to 24- the city’s undergraduate student population the 2030s. [...] University of Toronto president extent to which the 18- to 24-year-old popu- in the rest of David Naylor, speaking to the Toronto Star’s lation in the rest of the country will decline the country Louise Brown, warned that there are “40,000 during the next 25 years, dropping by more more students coming to the GTA— that's than 10 per cent by the 2020s. [...] Only one- the brim, and that it cannot feed the needs of quarter of Canadian nineteen-year-olds from the economy without expansion while demo- the lowest income families are studying at the graphics continue to drive growing enrolment university level, compared to almost half of during the next 10 years.



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