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Unpacking the Toronto District School Board’s Vision for Learning

25 Aug 2016

They are: (1) global citizenship and character, (2) communication, (3) critical thinking and problem-solving, (4) collaboration and leadership, and (5) creativity, inquiry and entrepreneurship. [...] These skills and competencies are also supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the TDSB research discussed in the recently published 21st Century Competencies: Foundation Document for Discussion (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016) and Global Learning and Teaching with Educational Technology in the TDSB (Sinay, 2014). [...] Critical and transnational discourses of citizenship raise basic questions about identity (who we are as citizens), membership (who belongs, and the location of the boundaries), and agency (how we might best enact citizenship) - questions debated in political life across the globe by scholars and activists, political thinkers and neighborhood organizers. [...] Global citizenship and its associated character merge in a transformative journey that includes, “valuing multiple perspectives and a 9 | P a g e commitment to equity worldwide; knowledge includes understanding of global conditions and current events, the interconnectedness of the world and an experiential understanding of multiple cultures. [...] Global citizenship education aims to enable learners to: 10 | P a g e Develop an understanding of global governance structures, rights and responsibilities, global issues and connections between global, national and local systems and processes; Recognise and appreciate differences and multiple identities, e.g.
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