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Health Determinants for First Nations 2016




'This report contains information about First Nations communities and population in Alberta. It also presents information on some of the health determinants of First Nations in Alberta based on the accessibility of the data. Where data are available, indicators are analyzed by First Nations identity, age, sex, and/or geographic location. This report is designed to provide information which can be used as a resource by decision makers and program managers for program and service delivery planning aimed at addressing differences in determinants of health and improving the health and well-being of First Nations individuals and communities in Alberta. It is our hope that this report will contribute to the discussion and awareness of differences in First Nations health outcomes and determinants in Alberta and lead to actions to decrease the differences. The topics included in this report are Indigenous population in Canada and First Nations population in Alberta, living arrangement for children aged 14 years and under, education, income, labour force activity, housing, community well-being index and selected measures of health status”--p. 16.


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