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A strategy for the recovery and management of cod stocks in Newfoundland & Labrador




The SPA estimate of the SSB in the central portion of the inshore at the beginning of 2005 is just 13,000t. [...] Many of the improvements in the abundance indicators and biological factors cited by industry on the status of the 4RS3Pn cod stock and inshore component of the 2J3KL cod stock are reported in the DFO Science Advisory Reports for these stocks. [...] In light of this, the growing disconnect between industry and government on the status of the 4RS3Pn cod stock and the inshore component of the 2J3KL cod stock needs to be addressed in the short-term in the interest of moving forward with stock recovery and sustainability over the longer-term. [...] For the other three stocks, the lack of older spawners and the poor energetic condition of fish contributed to a reduction in the reproductive capability of these stocks beyond that brought about by the reduction in the SSB alone. [...] Conservation of the marine resources and habitat, and the rebuilding of resources (and the restoration of habitat) where necessary, remain the highest priority for the management of all fisheries.


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