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Sorry, it's rented" : Measuring discrimination in Toronto's rental housing market




We decided to have the child be methodology, including the development of test of the same sex as the parent in order to simplify the “profiles”, creation of scripts, the sampling profile, as applying for a one bedroom apartment methodology, volunteer training and the roll-out of with an opposite sex child would add a further the actual testing. [...] The scripts began with an introductory sentence identifying the charac- “What’s the monthly rent?” teristic(s) being tested and proceeded through a series of questions related to the advertised apartment such as the amount of rent, move-in date, The scripts were designed to include a number of availability of other units, inclusion of utilities, questions that could elicit differential treatment, [...] If the housing provider was We also developed training materials and held a available, the volunteer then proceeded through the training session to ensure that prospective volunteers set of scripted questions, and would write down the fully understood the research, the testing process, housing provider’s responses and any unsolicited their role, and how to prepare for and perform the comments or q [...] Limitations of the Methodology While we attempted to create a research design that Other obvious limitations to our research design would allow us to estimate the prevalence of various relate to the geographic area it covered and the type types of housing discrimination in the City of of transactions it documented. [...] The number of the test and the control condition so that we would useable observations for each profile ranged from a have a representation of the random unfairness any low of 67 to a high of 110.


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