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‘They Can Live a Life Here’




Following that is a discussion of the and skills that will lead to their independence observed changes in participants’ lives over the and empowerment as they eventually find an- course of the study. [...] It is an in-depth explora- ularly communicated to the organization, and tion of various facets of the institution, its pro- their input was sought while designing interview cesses, and the experiences of those living and questions. [...] Over the course of of the participants in this study moved from their each interview, participants were asked to con- short-term place of residence at Welcome Place, sider the benefits of IRCOM on their lives, as well which is part of MIIC, into IRCOM House, while as on the lives of their family members. [...] These participants feared the area when they first moved in, but, Learning and Settling with time and experience they became increas- Aside from the provision of affordable and se- ingly secure and learned that the neighbourhood cure places to live, the cornerstone of IRCOM is quite safe and very convenient. [...] It is a remarkable condition of the residence and the process in- achievement for immigrant and refugee families volved in addressing problems that arise in the new to be in a position to purchase a home three years place.


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