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A Framework for Ontario




STAGE 2: getting help with the problem, figuring out what to do about the problem, and identifying next steps STAGE 3: taking next steps to deal with the problem, and taking formal steps in a legal process if needed CLEO has prepared three tables that illustrate the core knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics and circumstances needed at each stage in the legal journey continuum, with exam [...] Knowledge CLEO suggests that “knowledge”, for the purposes of the working framework, should be seen as reflecting the level of knowledge of legal rights, responsibilities, systems and processes needed to deal with legal problems and navigate the legal system. [...] In light of the technical nature of the legal process, and given the language-intensive nature of legal problems, it would be especially difficult for a person with poor literacy skills, or one not fluent in either English or French, to get information about a legal problem – let alone represent themselves in legal proceedings.


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