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2007-2008 formative evaluation of the Investments to Combat the Criminal Use of Firearms Initiative : 2007-2008 évaluation formative de l'Initiative sur les investissements dans la lutte contre l'utilisation d'armes à feu à des fins criminelles : rapport final




Therefore, at the heart of this Initiative is the enhancement of the criminal intelligence capacity of the RCMP, CISC and the CBSA to gather, analyze and share intelligence in order to improve individual investigations and to increase knowledge of the extent and patterns of smuggling and trafficking of firearms used in crime so that an intelligence-led national enforcement strategy can be develope [...] As per the Evaluation Framework, the overall objective of the formative evaluation was to assess how the Initiative is being implemented, particularly with respect to the intelligence component, whether adjustments should be made, and whether progress toward the achievement of the immediate outcomes was occurring. [...] There also exist several concrete examples of how the sharing of information and intelligence is leading to action within the policing community, and the level of success in this area is consistent with the current stage of the ICCUF. [...] Occurrence of Horizontal Planning At the horizontal level, the JMT has been created as the on-going planning forum to oversee the participation of all partner organizations, coordinate activities and ensure that the goals of the ICCUF are attained. [...] These included: whether the governance structure has been articulated; what contribution the articulated governance mechanism makes to the efficient operation of the ICCUF; and whether the roles of ICCUF partners in governance of the Initiative are clear.


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