cover image: Recasting US Commitment in Southeast Asia - By Marvin C. Ott


Recasting US Commitment in Southeast Asia - By Marvin C. Ott

19 Mar 2024

Ott The Strategic Landscape The United States has found itself playing the intense and bloody, in Ukraine and Gaza—have role of international stabilizer and security forced themselves to the top of the immediate guarantor. [...] Southeast Asia and the South China Sea as the Meanwhile, Chinese and American armies focal point for an already intense strategic rivalry clashed in a series of major battles on the Korean with China, the one country in the world that is a peninsula. [...] small outcroppings (reefs, shoals, islets) with Through the 1980s, 1990s, and the first decade many grouped into two small archipelagos—the of this century, the strategic landscape Paracels in the north and the Spratlys toward encompassing China and Southeast Asia was the center of the sea. [...] The commercial sea became a matter of legal record in 2016 when lanes that traverse that sea are the world’s the International Tribunal on the South China Sea busiest, connecting the Middle East, the Indian (ITLOS), meeting in the Hague, ruled that China’s subcontinent and Southeast Asia to Korea, Japan U-Shaped Line and the claims to sovereign and the United States. [...] assistance to Indonesia in the wake of the Two countries in the region (Thailand and the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated Philippines) are formal defense allies and several northern Sumatra in 2004.
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