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A framework for early childhood development in the Northwest Territories : Right from the start : a framework for early childhood development in the NWT : action plan




This Physiotherapy and to improve access to model will need to incorporate Audiology) to identify gaps on child’s growth and rehabilitation services and the role of parents, families, in access to services and development follow-up and community-based staff in community-based follow-up • referral to appropriate on recommendations and • Implement early intervention carrying out ongoing treatment in [...] Areas for Action 8. Strengthen the alignment between early childhood programs and services and the needs of communities Rationale Targets: 2015-2016 Accountability The Early Development 2014-2015 • Ongoing EDI data collection ECE Instrument (EDI) is a population- • Collect, analyze and report for continued ECD HSS based measure of children’s data using the EDI monitoring, evaluation and developmen [...] Deliverables Deliverables: • Continuum of early childhood programs and services better aligned with the needs of communities and easy for families to navigate: • Annual collection, analysis, and an online Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of the Early Development Instrument (EDI) data • Online interactive information system of mapped programs, services and supports by community • EDI dat [...] Target campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of early childhood development, the impact of the early years, the role of parents and those who work with children Rationale Consistent campaigns to all identified audiences will help realize the vision of the Early Childhood Development Framework by making the NWT “a place where children are born healthy and raised in safe and respectful f [...] Use innovative mediums and technology to reach people with culturally relevant promotion and prevention tools, updates on available programming for parents and children, and health and education messages Rationale Targets: • Develop the Right from the •. Report on web analytics Start website to provide from the Right from the Start Supporting all NWT parents and 2014-2015 parents with a variety of


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