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A Feminist Approach to Canada’s International Assistance




Its goals were to develop a common understanding of feminist approaches to international assistance, to assess the challenges, gaps and opportunities in Global Affairs Canada’s approach, and to develop a set of practical recommendations for implementing a feminist approach. [...] Feminist Principles Canada’s feminist approach must seek to address the root causes of structural and systemic inequalities and transform systems of power, many of which are grounded in social constructions of gender and patriarchal attempts to control women’s bodies and choices. [...] A feminist lens calls for an investment in leadership and learning within GAC and beyond, and calls for a new approach to monitoring and measuring results. [...] There is a need to invest in building capacity and raising awareness amongst the Canadian public, GAC staff, and GAC partners (Canadian NGOs, recipient countries and multilateral platforms.) A feminist approach opens the door to a more serious consideration of how to operationalize the “universality” of the 2030 Agenda through areas in which Canada can teach (for example, a strong legal framework [...] A feminist approach to monitoring and measuring results involves innovative mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the implementation of feminist policies, organizational capacity, and commitment.


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