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Time for apologies : Excuses : répercussions juridiques et éthiques des excuses dans les affaires civiles : document final




In every case, not only the apology but also the adequacy of the apology, was the subject of the news. [...] The key objectives of this Paper are to: • explore the needs and motivations of recipients and givers of apologies; • identify the benefits and risks of apologies in civil cases at various points in the conflict resolution process; • investigate the link between apologies and forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation; • highlight legal and ethical considerations; • examine circumstances that influe [...] The seven core elements of an apology are: recognition which involves identification of the wrong, acknowledgement of the violation of a norm, and appreciation of the extent of the harm done to the victim; remorse which includes genuine expressions relating to regret for the harm that occurred; responsibility which acknowledges that the wrongdoer did harm to the victim; repentance which includes a [...] In addition to the core elements of an apology, the “Responses to Harm” Continuum is a practical tool which can be used to explore the needs and expectations of the parties in relation to harm done. [...] The Response to Harm Continuum comprises the following responses: validation in which the speaker acknowledges/confirms the victim’s experience but offers no judgment about the legitimacy of the feeling or cause of harm; expression of benevolence which is an empathetic expression to the victim about the harm; expression of sympathy by which the speaker is affected by feelings consistent with the v



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