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Strategic risk communications framework




It is grounded in the sciences of risk analysis and risk communication, and is consistent with recent guidance from Strategic Risk Communications Framework and Handbook For Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada November 2006. [...] Measure both the effectiveness of the Strategic Risk Communications Process — including the effectiveness of the team — as well as the outcomes in order identify how Health Canada professionals and teams could better address future challenges and continuously improve the process. [...] After at least one cycle of risk communication effort is completed, the team evaluates the effectiveness of the process and the quality of outcomes for risk communications. [...] The research identified important elements in the thinking and behaviour of professionals with respect to current risk management practices within the Department and the relationship of risk communications to them. [...] Products of the process include a) the Framework, b) an Expert Model Narrative describing the influences on risk management and risk communications within Health Canada, c) a formal mental models research report, and d) a detailed Handbook for guiding the professional practice of strategic risk communications within the Department.


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