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4 Nov 2015

FIGURE 2. RESPONDENTS WHO USE CARE ARRANGEMENTS: CURRENT CARE ARRANGEMENTS The majority (86%) of those who use child care by a centre-based child care facility or family child care provider indicated that their provider is licensed. [...] Number of days per week child care is required All respondents to the survey were asked to consider a typical week, and how many days (not the number of hours) of child care arrangements per week they require for their child. [...] BC Stats: Parent Child Care Survey 2015 15 Nearly nine out of ten respondents who used care arrangements beyond their own care were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the child care provider staff (87%) and with the More than eight out of location (85%). [...] The respondents who were waitlisted before getting access to child care were evenly split between those who were in immediate child care need and those were not in immediate need of a child care arrangement. [...] Child Care Subsidy The majority (86%) of respondents reported not receiving a full or partial child care subsidy3 for their child or children, while 14% of respondents reported receiving a child care subsidy.
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Chan, Tim, Monkman, Martin, Curiel, Sandra, Cummings, Linda M. D

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