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A model forensic pathology service




Forensic The study of dentistry in relation to the law, in particular to the investigation odontology of death, especially the identification of human remains. [...] Forensic Part of pathology; the study of pathology in relation to the law, in particular to pathology the investigation of sudden and unexpected deaths from all causes; the discipline of pathology concerned with the investigation of deaths where there are medico-legal implications. [...] For example, review by one forensic pathologist of the report and findings of another forensic pathologist for the purpose of assuring and/or controlling the quality of the report and its findings. [...] The fundamental principles of pathology applied in the work of the forensic pathologist are the same as those employed by the clinical pathologist. [...] There are a number of other skills required to supplement the different knowledge set, including (but not limited to) the formulation of opinions, the writing of reports, and presenting testimony in legal settings.9 (See also Appendix 3: Forensic Pathology section of the Trainee Handbook of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia.) Forensic pathology practice—Metropolitan and regional Ful


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