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A New GDL Framework




It provides a brief overview of the development and components of the new GDL Framework (published in Phase 1) and then discusses the development of the implementation plan (Phase 2) for the Framework. [...] The objectives of the first day of the meeting were to orient attendees about the GDL Framework and its features, share success stories in a few jurisdictions that had recently enhanced their GDL programs; and, engage participants in more intensive discussions regarding the individual components in the GDL Framework. [...] The complexity of the processes required to implement key parts of the Framework, however, need to be acknowledged given the experiences of jurisdictions in relation to GDL improvements. [...] The implications of this is that there are gaps in the overall young driver system of programs and policies that serve to increase the level of education, training, testing and supervision of young drivers during the period of time when they are continuously learning safe driving habits and gaining driving experience. [...] The objective of these presentations was to share some lessons learned that could be applied to the implementation of some or all of the features of the GDL Framework.


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