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Africa's young entrepreneurs

2 Sep 2015

Youth education at both unemployed and africa’s growing and unemployment and productivity is caused the country and the youthful population, where 62% of the by the lack of employable skills; the population is under the age of 25 years5, difficulty of access to resources such as regional level, and requires the continent to address the land and capital; insufficient focus by to ensure that they is [...] Young Entrepreneurs AngolA 1 botswAnA 2 ghAnA 3 the youth in angola are more likely (1.2 adults in botswana are 1.3 times more the youth in ghana are 1.4 times more times) than adults to believe that they likely to believe that they have the skills likely to believe they have the skills and have the skills and knowledge to start and knowledge to start a business; the knowledge to start a business [...] For to no difference in the levels of fear the risk-averse person, the downside of failure expressed by both adults common in developed risk of failure often outweighs the and the youth.
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