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2008 Nunavut economic outlook




On the downside, a the youth population—over half of the territory’s population lawsuit launched by Nunavut tunngavik Incorporated is under 25 years of age compared to 31 per cent for against the federal government over issues related to the Canada—the effects of climate change, technological implementation of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement pressures such as the growing access and use of the wil [...] More recently, the Nunavut economic Outlook has served the sivummut II economic Development Conference as a tool for measuring progress in the implementation of was a gathering of people involved in the creation and the Nunavut economic Development strategy. [...] For differentiates one group from another is how each chooses example, Nunavummiut have established the importance of to weigh the importance of each of these elements and Inuit values and culture, the protection of the environment, the types of trade-offs between particular objectives each and the health of families and communities as areas of group can accept. [...] Other things such as fairness in the distribution (within the context of traditional and commercial usage), of economic benefits and the stability and efficiency of sound environmental management of human activities, economic growth are also typical economic objectives that and appropriate evaluation of proposed uses of natural are important to observe over time.



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