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A systematic approach to maximizing nursing scopes of practice




The difficulties encountered in achieving data comparability across the three sites on a number of the variables selected for this study highlighted substantial deficits in the databases currently available to inform unit or program level measurement of the impact of current and emerging models of collaborative practice on provider, patient, and system outcomes. [...] It would appear that role clarification should begin with examining commonalities and differences in the education of health professionals and determining the relevance of that education to employers responsible for appropriate utilization of health professionals and policy makers who fund the delivery of healthcare. [...] Research Objectives To examine scope of practice enactment by different categories of regulated nurses To identify barriers and facilitators to maximizing nursing scopes of practice To assess the potential influence of the work environment on role enactment To identify opportunities for redesigning work and optimizing role enactment To document the practicability of collecting comparable [...] None of the respondents, however, appeared to differentiate between the meaning of “full scope of practice” (a role that is reflected in the knowledge base of the profession) and “enactment” of scope (the application of knowledge within parameters defined by legislation, experience, competence, and contextual factors in the environment). [...] Co-ordination of Care The notion of nurse as the “intermediary” between the patient/family and other healthcare providers was a recurring element in health professionals and nurses’ descriptions of their roles, but it was also one of the factors that differentiated the three groups of nurses.


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