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A statistical profile on the health of First Nations in Canada : Profil statistique de la santé des premières nations au Canada : déterminants de la santé, de 2006 à 2010




Health Canada Activities The First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) of Health Canada supports the delivery of public health and health promotion services in First Nations and Inuit communities. [...] While the physical health of the individual is important, so too is the health of the mind, heart and spirit.c In order to gain a more complete understanding of First Nations health and well-being, many determinants, in addition to those provided in standard determinants of health frameworks are required. [...] The estimated for the First Nations population, 44,000 people living in these living both inside and outside communities are excluded from First Nations communities and census counts. [...] Canada (on-reserve and in For the 2008/10 survey, 216 of Also excluded are First Nations northern First Nations 607 First Nations communities people in hospitals, prisons, communities). [...] For example, the Assembly of First Nation’s Wholistic Policy and Planning model puts First Nations communities at its core.c Community health is also a component of the First Nations Health Authority’s visual presentation of First Nations wellness.d The interconnectedness of the health of First Nations community, families, culture and individuals is emphasized in the First Nations Regional Health


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