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A pragmatic approach to the right to be forgotten /




The decision drew on the 1995 DPD2 and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union,3 and is The right to be forgotten is a contested concept. [...] First, the locus of forgetting is the nature of the right to be forgotten, and what it could mean, rememberer; the right to be forgotten, by contrast, is a right closing with the debate that developed around it as the to be forgotten, not a right to forget. [...] Sometimes, the problem is not that the webpage’s information is The root of this dispute was the philosophical divergence misleading, but the extract from the page that accompanies between the United States and the European Union on the result gives a false impression. [...] However, the CJEU rejected the argument because the It is fair to say that many observers thought that the search engine “determined the purposes and means of AEPD was not going to succeed in the case, particularly processing” within the context of the activities of Google when the advocate-general, the CJEU’s special adviser on Spain. [...] It reported against rights to freedom of expression and of the media, in 2015 (Advisory Council 2015), shortly after guidance and also against the interests of the public in having access was released by the Article 29 Working Party of EU DPAs to the information via a search on the subject’s name.



internet privacy, right of right to be forgotten