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A Field Guide to Forest Biodiversity Stewardship /




Thanks to the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute for the use of their maps of species at risk and congratulations to them on the recent release of their popular field guide —Species at Risk in Nova Scotia 2nd edition. [...] Governments, Mi’kmaq, industry, woodland owners and users, interested groups, and individuals all have roles and responsibilities in the shared stewardship of our forest and biodiversity resources. [...] It provides general and practical information on the responsible use and conservation of our forest and the biodiversity it supports. [...] The Path We Share – A Natural Resource Strategy for Nova Scotia (2011–2020)* describes biodiversity as, “The variety and inter- connectedness of all life, including all plants, animals, and other organisms, the genes they contain, and the systems and processes that link them.” Nova Scotia’s biodiversity and forest health are tightly connected. [...] Nova Scotia has a wide range of laws and regulations which directly and indirectly influence the management and conservation of Nova Scotia’s forest and biodiversity.


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