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In the north

17 Sep 2007

This leads to ambiguity, and shifts control from the seller to the buyer, who is the one with the money!” This can perpetuate the cycle of violence by creating or maintaining “power-over”. [...] We are at the forefront for creating awareness and education around sex worker issues to not only the public, but to the sex workers themselves. [...] Much of the work involved in taking action has devolved to social agencies and groups that lack the funds to initiate solutions to sex work; furthermore, because sex work and survival sex encompass concerns at different levels, community entities have been working on targeting different aspects of the issue. [...] With the help of the BC Coalition of Experiential Communities (formerly known as the BC Coalition of Experiential Women), we were able to obtain federal funding to bridge the gap in services for sex workers and provide street level supports to women and youth in a dangerous industry. [...] Mandate To identify and address the barriers that women, both adult and youth, face while working in sex work and survival sex in Prince George and Northern BC; To facilitate educational opportunities that will empower women, both adult and youth, who work and live in this environment; and, To improve the health status of people living with HIV/AIDS and HCV; furthermore, to address the issues arou
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Capostinsky, Christal

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