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Sustainable development impacts of investment incentives : Case study of Malawi's tourism sector

21 Jan 2010

In spite of these incentives, most investors cited the low cost of raw materials, the low cost of labour, the attractive environment, the availability of land, friendly people, proximity to South Africa, and the vast and unique resources of the country as the key reasons for establishing their ventures in Malawi. [...] The major limitation was the chances of interviewees declining to participate due to the length of the survey, because the period after June through to December is the peak season for tourism in Malawi. [...] Thus the study involved the following main steps: ■ a review of secondary data highlighting the importance and trends of the tourism sector in Malawi, including a review of government policies and legislation pertaining to investment incentives in the country generally and those of the tourism sector specifically, regionally and internationally; ■ conducting preliminary interviews with government [...] Sustainable Development Impacts of Investment Incentives: A Case Study of Malawi’s Tourism Sector 1 trade knowledge network 1.2 Scope of the study The study starts by discussing the concept of investment incentives in the tourism sector and outlines the framework of the entire study. [...] The fourth section will assess the likely role of investment incentives in shaping (i) volumes of investment; (ii) types of FDI flowing into the tourism sector; (iii) source countries of FDI; (iv) the geographical location of investments; and (v) the nature of the investments.
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