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A Child's Right to Respect /




For the sake of and on behalf of the young, Korczak demands respect for children’s ignorance, their failures and tears, their possessions and their budgets, and also respect for the current hour, the day today. [...] Where and how do we distribute workshops to sustain hands and minds hungry for work; how do we maintain obedience and order among the human ants; how do we safeguard against individuals’ ill-will and madness; how do we fill the hours of life with labor, rest, and recreation; and how do we fend off apathy, satiety, and boredom? [...] For the moment, the sweat of laborers and the hunger of their peers, the suffering of a tormented horse or a slaughtered hen pains them. [...] But children run and jump, they gaze without purpose, they are surprised and inquiring, they cry at the drop of a hat and are ge- nerous in their joy. [...] Disdainful, untrusting, and reluctant, we do not provide the necessary care: we cannot manage without the assistance of experts, and the experts are the children.


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