Public confidence in Canadian institutions / : Confiance du public envers les institutions canadiennes
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Public confidence in Canadian institutions / : Confiance du public envers les institutions canadiennes




Section 2: Perceptions of police performance • According to results from the 2014 General Social Survey on Victimization, in addition to having a high level of confidence in police, the majority of Canadians believe police were doing a good job at being approachable and easy to talk to (73%), ensuring the safety of citizens (70%), promptly responding to calls (68%), treating people fairly (68%), e [...] Among the CMAs, residents of Winnipeg and Vancouver were least favourable in their evaluations of local police, while residents of Ottawa rated police higher than the average for all other CMAs in each of the six categories. [...] Section 1 Canadians have higher confidence in police compared to other institutions The GSS on Social Identity asked Canadians to indicate their levels of confidence in police, the justice system and courts, the school system, Federal Parliament, banks, major corporations, and the Canadian media, using a scale from 1 (no confidence at all) to 5 (a great deal of confidence).1 About three-quarters ( [...] The largest differences in confidence in institutions were found for banks (63% of women compared to 56% of men) and police (79% of women compared to 73% of men). [...] In British Columbia, perceived confidence in four of the institutions was below the total of Canada’s provinces, while similar proportions of residents had confidence in banks, media, and major corporations.

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