cover image: ASF Strategic Plan Report, 2021  Goal #1 – Ensure Fisheries are Sustainable


ASF Strategic Plan Report, 2021 Goal #1 – Ensure Fisheries are Sustainable

22 Mar 2024

The effort to get to the cusp of eradicating smallmouth bass on the Miramichi would be impressive without the added pressures of planning and executing during Covid and although disappointing, puts us in a strong position for 2022. [...] A significant portion of ASF’s field season is spent preparing, deploying, retrieving, and downloading data from a huge array of sonic receivers used within rivers in Atlantic Canada, to our estuaries and bays, and extending to the Strait of Belle Isle and the Labrador Sea. [...] And secondly, to reduce the negative effects of open net pen salmon aquaculture on wild fish and the environment, and block industry expansion into new areas, ASF has designed a campaign to launch in Q1 2022 focused on the federal government and its commitments made to the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization to eliminate escapes and reduce the effects of aquaculture parasites on wild f. [...] The campaign is based on the principles of engagement organizing, where local partners and individuals are empowered and encouraged to act, make statements, and react to developments. [...] All permits, equipment, human resource, and infrastructure were in place to start the eradication on the morning of 17 August 2021, when protesters at the lake delayed project commencement and ultimately caused the project to be postponed until 2022.


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