cover image: CIGI Papers No. 291 — April 2024 - Undercover Infrastructure


CIGI Papers No. 291 — April 2024 - Undercover Infrastructure

8 Apr 2024

The current focus is on the strategic Russia and China, as well as the implications importance of satellite ground stations in the of the involvement of the North Atlantic Treaty Arctic, given their dual-use capabilities and the Organization (NATO) and the challenges posed complex security and legal implications they entail. [...] The evolution of the space sector, especially Starting with an analysis of dual-use space concerning the privatization mentioned above technology and its role in the militarization and and the outsourcing of various services, has led weaponization of space, this paper will discuss the to the further spread of the dual-use nature of particularly complex security profile of satellite space technolog. [...] The Center in northern Sweden is being upgraded to introduction of such commercial entities, which accommodate space rocket launches and bolster have an expanding defence customer portfolio, the capabilities of the European Space Agency has increased the complexity of the Arctic space (ESA) and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC). [...] The competition among of these is the Svalbard Treaty9 since, due to its major powers and the intricate governance latitude and international regime, the Svalbard paradigms of the Arctic ultimately influence the archipelago is particularly exploited for space- security and operation of these critical assets. [...] As the competition among powers in nothing specific is being done at the international the Arctic unfolds in an anarchic and potentially and intergovernmental levels to reduce the dangerous manner, the fate of ground stations insecurity of the other segments of space missions.
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