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Social determinants of health

4 May 2010

Over the course of his career he has carried out research in child and adolescent development, student mathematics and science achievement, health promotion and quality of life, social exclusion, and public policy and the social determinants of health. [...] Currently he is working on the social determinants of the incidence and management of type II diabetes in vulnerable communities and the impacts of globalization on the health of Canadians. [...] He is the editor of Social Determinants of Health: Canadian Perspectives (2009, 2nd edition) and Health Promotion and Quality of Life in Canada: Essential Readings (2010); co-editor of Staying Alive: Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness, and Health Care (2010, 2nd edition); and the author of About Canada: Health and Illness (2010) and Poverty and Policy in Canada (2007). [...] Following years of a move that populations of Bangladesh, Sierra Leone or towards the ideology of individualism, a growing Haiti have low life expectancy, are malnourished, number of Canadians are anxious to reconnect live in fearful and unhealthy environments, and are with the concept of a just society and the sense of having a terrible time just trying to survive. [...] Monique Bégin, PC, FRSC, OC The truth is that Canada – the ninth richest coun- Member of WHO Commission on try in the world – is so wealthy that it manages Social Determinants of Health to mask the reality of poverty, social exclusion and discrimination, the erosion of employment qual- Former Minister of ity, its adverse mental health outcomes, and youth National Health & Welfare suicides.
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Mikkonen, Juha

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