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2017-18 Government Estimates




Together with the 2017-18 Offices of the Legislative Assembly Estimates, the estimates identify the total requirements for public monies from the General Revenue Fund for the year. [...] This Preface provides a summary of the information presented, an overview of the appropriations process, definitions of supply votes and selected terms, and a summary of major changes in organization and financial reporting policy. [...] The Government Supply Votes to be Presented in the Schedule to the Appropriation Bill illustrates how the supply votes will be presented in the schedule to the Appropriation Act, 2017 to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly. [...] Summaries of the Government Estimates are provided in the following tables: Total Government Estimates by Type of Vote; Voted Amounts by Department; Statutory Amounts by Department; Non-cash Amounts by Department; Entity Statutory Amounts by Ministry; and Reconciliation of Supply Votes to the Consolidated Government Estimate. [...] Appropriations from the General Revenue Fund In Alberta, the supply process is governed by the conventions and legal requirements of the Canadian Constitution, Alberta’s Financial Administration Act, and the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.


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