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A shared path towards wellness




The overall picture with respect to addictions does not appear to be improving, in spite of the significant resources devoted to mental health and addictions over the years and the persistent efforts by many dedicated and talented people to deliver mental health and addictions programs. [...] Within ISDM, mental health change in the approach to mental health and addictions and addictions programs became one of five core services programs, by taking “…the issues and the discussion about that all Regional Health and Social Services Authorities are mental health and addictions beyond the current boundaries accountable to deliver. [...] The hearings emphasizes that the solutions to these issues must be designed by have helped to reduce the stigma attached to the mental and the community and taken to and supported by government, not emotional issues arising from residential school experiences, designed and directed by government.” and in so doing have increased the need for mental health and addictions programs as more people come [...] Residents of the NWT should have access to a comprehensive and addictions issues among the elderly: continuum of care that incorporates services right from the As with youth, the treatment needs of elders with point of promotion, prevention and early intervention to acute/ mental health and addictions issues are different than inpatient and specialized services, through to rehabilitation and those [...] These plans ideally set Programs supported by the Department of Health and out the priorities of the community in moving towards Social Services and delivered by the Health and Social wellness, including the responsibilities and resources Services Authorities may have the most direct influence on required.


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