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2005 provincial sustainability report for Manitoba : Rapport provincial de 2005 sur la durabilité au Manitoba




Provincial Profile Located in the geographic centre of North America, Manitoba connects the rich agricultural lands of the Canadian Prairies with the rugged granite landscape of the Canadian Shield and the Arctic waters of Hudson Bay. [...] The province has over 100,000 lakes and four major rivers drain the northern reaches of the province and empty into Hudson Bay: the Churchill, the Nelson, the Seal, and the Hayes. [...] In the south, the Red and Assiniboine meander through the grasslands to Lake Winnipeg, which is the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world. [...] The concept of sustainability is rooted in the The type and amount of data available for this report varies interconnectedness and interdependency of each dimension and timelines for reporting may be different for each on the other, with the notion that we cannot consider each indicator. [...] Prairie grasslands cover the south, boreal forests ■ Forests make up the majority of the central part of the province, and ■ Air tundra is found in the northeast.


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