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“Shared Perspectives”




Research over the last decade the understanding and proper handling has shown that students on post-secondary of campus mental health concerns to the campuses around the developed world betterment of all students on campus (COU are struggling due to increasing stressors submission to the Ontario Ministry of Health associated with a number of factors (Bewick and Long Term Care 2010). [...] With the funds flowing into mental health supports on campus there have been In the autumn of 2016, the Government of numerous improvements made to campus Alberta struck an advisory panel on campus mental health services on all of CAUS’ mental health to evaluate the current campuses. [...] The University of Lethbridge was able to hire Students from CAUS member institutions a significant amount of mental health care were involved actively on the panel, professionals to meet the increasing demand and CAUS continued to advocate to the for campus mental health services, including government and stakeholders the importance counsellors, a mental health physician, and of consistent and equ [...] One only has to look indigenous campus mental health, a review of to the Alberta government’s funding of student aid policies in light of mental health post-secondary mental health supports to needs, and funding for Healthy Campus it’s five brick and mortar universities to see Alberta – a grassroots community of practice the continued success of consistent and which brings together stakeholders, i [...] The broad the 2017 Ontario budget, the government objective of this plan was to create more invested an additional $6 million in funding to effective coordination and integration of support mental health services and supports mental health and addiction services in the at post-secondary institutions for three years, province of Ontario.1 resulting in a total investment of $45 million.4 The vision


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