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2003 evaluation of 4VWX herring : Évaluation des stocks de hareng dans 4VWX en 2003




Changes to management and recent research efforts have improved the knowledge of the fishery in four of the coastal Nova Scotia spawning areas, but there remains the problem of a lack of biological and fishery information for much of this component. [...] The main principle stated in the plan was “the conservation of the herring resource and the preservation of all of its spawning components” (DFO 1999). [...] The use of this approach in recent years has improved data collection and enabled modifications to management decisions to be made with the involvement of participants and on the basis of up-to-date information. [...] In recent years, negative and mixed signals have prompted caution in establishment of the TAC and in the management of the fishery. [...] The temporal and spatial distribution of the purse seine fishery was generally as expected compared to the average of the last decade (Table 3-4).


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